Feature Lizzy Dermody News Sep 21, 2020

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


September is the month for “National Happy Cat Day” and “National Talk Like a Pirate Day”, but what makes it most special is that it celebrates Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. It is a time to recognize and support the children and families who have been affected by this disease and emphasizes the importance of research for the cure. Cancer is bad enough without it affecting children who already cannot advocate for themselves. Cancer affects everyone in some way – you or someone you know has most likely received a cancer diagnosis. I was a kid with cancer. I was fourteen when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had a front row seat to the effects of this disease. I underwent both chemotherapy and radiation treatments over 6 months and was declared cancer-free! I was lucky, but many children are still in the fight for their lives. It is up to us to help find the cure! I encourage you all to donate to the American Cancer Society. Something as simple as wearing gold for childhood cancer or the ribbon color of a cancer that has affected you, can make a difference. Go Gold for the Cure! Scan the QR code to donate now!

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