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Student Organization: something for everyone



It’s no secret that our college boasts a wide array of clubs and organizations. If you can think of it, chances are, we have it—we’ve got Greek life, religious organizations, political organizations, service-oriented organizations, music groups, academic groups and special interest groups, among others, with the option of even creating your own organizations if your interests aren’t represented.

In total, Alma College hosts almost 100 student clubs and organizations. But on such a small campus, what’s the point? Rumors have allegedly been going around that some students think there are too many clubs and organizations on campus that do basically the same thing. But here’s the deal: everyone is interested in something different. And if they want to express their interests through clubs, organizations or even through other ways, who are we to stop them? However, there are some problems with having as many organizations as we do. “I feel like there are pros and cons to having so many clubs and organizations.” said Ally Boulware (’20). “On one hand, it can allow nearly every student to find at least one thing to get involved in and enjoy. On the other hand, there are only so many students on campus, so organizations may find themselves struggling with membership.

“Also, on that note, with so many organizations being recognized by Student Congress, funding will always be a major issue.” Boulware is the president of Alpha Gamma Delta, involved with Sigma Tau Delta, See Spot Run, Pi Delta Chi and the Climbing Club.

Student Congress plays a large part in keeping our school’s clubs and organizations up and running. “Historically, the number of student organizations has fluctuated, and it is the job of Student Congress to manage expectations and funding for these groups. If students want to be involved in groups, it’s important for them to be able to find their place on campus.” said Bridget Flanery (’20). “Just because you or I don’t want to be in every single campus group doesn’t mean that it isn’t important to another student.”

“It’s important for us to respect these differences and see the value that other organizations bring to campus, no matter how wide the reach.” said Flanery.

Participation in student clubs and organizations can easily influence the four years we have at Alma College for the better. It is often noted how participation in these groups can help open up leadership opportunities, chances to make new friends that maybe you wouldn’t have met otherwise and dedicate yourself to something bigger than just you; now you’re a part of a whole.

“I remember coming into Alma my freshman year and I didn’t know how to approach all these new faces as I was relatively shy.” said Alexia Miller (’20). “I rushed Alpha Gamma Delta and was an active part of various clubs on campus. It wasn’t until my sophomore year that I actually came out of my shell.”

“If you told me four years ago that I would be the president of the Gender and Sexuality Diversity Club my senior year, I would [have] look[ed] at you like you were insane. Being an active member of the anime and gaming club helped me find a passion playing Magic the Gathering, and it was through that game that I made a lot of really strong connections with people.” said Miller.

Alma College has been and will continue to be positively impacted by its many clubs and organizations through leadership opportunities, campus involvement, new connections, and development of creativity.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of any of our many students clubs or organizations, take a look at the Clubs & Organizations link under the Life at Alma tab at for more information.

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