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Marcia Miller 30 year-anniversary letter

30 years ago, when I just started working, I was told I worked the most overtime in the history of food service workers.

I was a single parent, mother of three preteens. I worked basically whenever I was asked to, and after one year I became full time. While working in Van Dusen, we had five catering halls and did a lot of wedding receptions.

I worked both Joes and catering and loved it. After five years my manager said we were going to try a new program called meal advantage, and we might have 10-20 students. It was for students who could not get to meal times because of their class schedules. The first lunch came and we had students lined up all the way to Gelston! I went to the back to get the manager and said, “We need your help meal advantage exploded!” Thus began meal advantage and it is still a campus program.

As I continued working in Joes I had a fourth child, we called her the ‘campus baby’. My mom would bring her to Joes to have me nurse her.

I would often carry her in Joes, and so many students were amazed at how tiny her hands, feet and body were. I was amazed that some had not seen or held a baby before!

After ten years in Van Dusen I moved to Hamilton, where I have been for 20 years now. After 30 years of serving campus staff, students, and faculty I have learned so much and grown right along with all of them.

Through the years I have had several students stay in my home. My own adult children have grown up and have jobs and careers of their own, as well as families of their own! Empty nest? Not me! I have filled my nest with others who are in need of a room. I am only a mile from campus and it is a beautiful walk by the river both ways.

I have served under several presidents and each has had their own path of education and research that I have been enlightened with.

I always say I am the parents when your parents aren’t here. If you need a listening ear, hug, or just want to talk I am here. A couple of students have told me they will miss me, and I tell them that when they are missing me just to reach up, and I’ll have a hug there waiting for you.

My brother lives in Indiana and says that he was attending a class and talking to some of the students and some of them had attended Alma College. He asked if they knew Macia Miller, and of course they said that everyone knows Marcia!

I really do feel as though all of the students, staff, and faculty I have served through the years are my extended family.

I pray for and care about all of you and would like you to know it is truly my pleasure to serve you all.

Thank you, here’s to many more years of service with you all!


Marcia Miller

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