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Greek life begins winter recruitment


Winter recruitment season has started at Alma College. Students will have the opportunity to interact with students they may not get to know otherwise through rushing Greek Life, and in a few short weeks, fraternities and sororities around campus will be welcoming their newest members.

Why go Greek? Greek students have no shortage of good things to say about the experience. “Greek life has brought me (and so many others) amazing opportunities and lifelong lasting relationships. It provides you with a safe place to go where you have a support system as well,” says Jennah Davis (‘20), the Panhellenic Council President. “Some awesome opportunities that you will experience are the chance to travel, to advocate for a philanthropy that you value, and you have the chance to take on great leadership roles.”

When asking freshmen considering rushing, the dynamic seemed to be the same.

“I’m joining because I’ve heard that it’s a once in a lifetime experience,” said Allison Harris (’22).“From my mom and my teacher and my friends who were and are in Greek Life, they said that they create friendships that last a lifetime. I expect it to be fun and a good experience.”

Emma Grossbauer (’22) felt the same way. “I’m joining Greek Life so I can meet new people and create friendships that will last a lifetime. I hope to find the place where I feel that I belong,” said Grossbauer. One main worry among non-Greek students who are considering taking part in recruitment is how rushing works.

“The recruitment process is a bit different for both Sororities and Fraternities. Both go through a formal recruitment process in which those interested in joining Greek Life sign the recruitment list and are able to attend numerous events from different Greek organizations,” said Jordan Jackson (’21), the Inter fraternity Council President.

“At the end of the recruitment process, those who have signed up and have participated in those events will be invited to attend Walk-Outs/Run-Outs in which they will find their home,” said Jackson.

Time management is another big concern. With students staying busy with classes, jobs, sports, and other activities, tacking on Greek membership can seem daunting. Matt Jones, the Greek Life Advisor, says “[as] a community we believe that all of our members are students before they are a member of their organization.”

Despite the amount of time that is taken up by classes and other student activities, Greek Life is a once in a lifetime addition to the college experience. If you would like to receive more information about winter recruitment or Greek Life in general, feel free to contact Jennah Davis, the Panhellenic Council President, any Panhellenic Council members, the president of Inter fraternity Council, Jordan Jackson,Matt Jones, the Greek Life Advisor, or Alyssa Mohr, the Greek Life Intern.

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