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Unique sound prevails


“Glory Sound Prep” is Jon Bellion’s sophomore album, and it truly solidifies his alternative pop sound in a way that he hasn’t touched yet, proving that Bellion is an innovator in the industry.

Jon Bellion’s album “Glory Sound Prep”—GSP—was released on November 9, 2018. He had been leaking and releasing songs for 3 weeks before the album officially premiered on his Twitter account.

Even though this album was released as a pop record, it is really a meshing of rap, pop and alternative done almost seamlessly. Bellion had been known for his unique sound since his first album—“The Human Condition”—came out in 2016. The hit single “All Time Low” off of that album shot Bellion into the view of the mainstream.

Every single one of the songs on GSP has its own unique sound. Each song is compelling in its own way, making it a versatile album that will hopefully stick around.

Bellion starts off the album with a track called “Conversations with my Wife;” his wife has been an inspiration since his first EP was released in 2013.

This song focuses on how the media puts such an importance on musicians winning awards, and how Bellion disagrees with that, focusing on the importance of family instead. These themes keep coming back through the rest of the album.

Another highlight of the album is “Let’s Begin,” the third track. This song contains the majority of the features on the album, with the stylings of Roc Marciano, RZA, B. Keyz and Travis Mendes.

The song is a meshing of so many different artists done so seamlessly, with an orchestral introduction, an incredible verse by Bellion and some great lyricism from Travis Mendes and RZA, this song is memorable and will hopefully get the commercial success it deserves.

One of the big releases from this album online has been the song “Stupid Deep.” This song is pretty simplistic, with the focus being on some simple piano chords and Bellion’s vocals. Though it’s simple, the way Bellion layers his own voice over itself creates a really unique sound.

“The Internet” was the standout song on “Glory Sound Prep” to a majority of Bellion’s audience. It has an infectious beat, and the song’s clear theme about social media makes it a memorable listen.

Past the technical side of listening to this album, it is genuinely a fun listen. It moved from the stripped-down acoustics of “Stupid Deep” to the eclectic “Adult Swim” track, this album takes you on a journey of different styles, genres and experiences.

This is an album I can listen to anywhere—in the car, in the shower or walking to class. Its versatility and Bellion’s raw talent makes this album worth a listen.

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