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GSD promotes expression


The Gender, Sexuality and Diversity Club organized a Masquerade Ball as a post-Halloween hangout and PR Event.

The ball, which took place last Friday in Tyler Van Dusen, was a way for the Alma community to get to know more about GSD.

“GSD, or The Gender, Sexuality and Diversity Club, is–to date–the only campus group focused on adhering to the LGBT+ community,” said GSD President, David Parnell III (‘21).

“Whether it comes to open dialogue for what we as a community face and go through, or expanding on how to make campus interactions more viable for LGBT+ people, we discuss it, and it pertains to us,” continued Parnell.

The idea for the masquerade ball came during the Halloween season, and was a way for students to utilize their Halloween costumes one last time this year.

“The event [was] honestly an open to campus party if you will, still all about expressing yourself however you may come. Attire included costumes or dresses, however formal or informal guests felt like being,” said Parnell.

“The Gender, Sexuality and Diversity Club put on the Masquerade Ball because it allowed students to express themselves in whatever way they wanted to. It [provided] students an opportunity to dress up if they chose to, and students could even wear masks if they wished to help conceal their identity,” said Alexia Miller (‘20).

A large stressor about the event was that though it was a Masquerade Ball, those who decided to partake in events could wear what they wanted, but had the option to wear a mask. The event even had a craft station open so guests could make and decorate their own mask to wear and take home with them.

Miller said that the event was a place for students to feel safe. “I think it’s important because it’s an event where students can go and not have the fear of being judged. I love this event and the atmosphere of it. It’s a safe place to just be who you are and who you want to be while hanging out with people who will support you no matter what. A great night of dancing, talking, food, and just hanging out for a quick break from the stresses of school.”

The event also had a photobooth to take pictures in, as well as a costume contest with prizes for the first place and runner up costumes.

This is the first Masquerade Ball hosted by the Gender, Sexuality and Diversity club on campus, but the members hope to make the event an annual event.

The Gender, Sexuality and Diversity Club wanted to stress how welcoming the environment of the club is for anyone who may be considering being a part of the organization.

“In short, [GSD] is a home, honestly,” said Parnell.

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