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Chaplain brings new energy to athletics


Last spring Alma’s athletic teams gained a new fan.

Andrew Pomerville, the Chaplain and the Director of Spiritual Life on campus, made a point to get directly involved with athletics upon his arrival to Alma.

“Coming back to my alma mater (class of 2001) is a dream come true and cheering on our Scots is an amazing privilege!” said Pomerville.

“When I arrived, it was a personal goal to visit each team for a practice, meet, game, or match at least once each season,” said Pomerville.

“I have been invited to participate with each team in a unique way that seems to reflect the teams themselves,” said Pomerville, who has met with baseball, men’s and women’s cross country, football, men’s and women’s soccer, men’s tennis, cheer/stunt, dance, softball and volleyball.

“I’ve participated in practices, led prayers before and after games, led worship services for teams, counseled players and coaches, sat on the bench, traveled with teams, and met one on one with dozens of players,” said Pomerville.

Pomerville can often be seen on the sideline of games in his kilt, collar, and sometimes even a jersey.

“I represent the team and try to provide that sense of confidence that comes from having your faith connected to your studies, practices, and games,” said Pomerville.

Being with the team during games gives Pomerville an opportunity to be a part of the game.

“He definitely brings a positive presence to the sidelines,” said women’s soccer player Taylor LeMasters (‘20).

“His support for the team is endless and we are grateful to have him on the sidelines with us,” said men’s soccer player Noah Canlas (‘20).

“I feel like our team connects with Dr. Pomerville through our mutual love for soccer,” said LeMasters.

“He used to play soccer, so he really gets into the sideline talks, and just being around for the energy of the game,” said LeMasters.

“He is one of the first to throw up a high five or a compliment when running off of the field,” said senior football captain Hunter Hoffman (‘19).

“A lot of our athletes in FCA get to interact with him weekly and love what he brings to both programs,” said Hoffman.

Pomerville said that some of his favorite moments so far this year have been senior night with the men’s soccer team, halftime talks with the women’s soccer team, and leading football chapel before games, as well as countless others.

Along with the student athletes, coaches are very happy to have Pomerville involved with their teams.

“He is actively cheering for the guys and is always positive, even in difficult situations,” said head football coach Jason Couch.

“He is there to offer comfort when disappointment arises,” said Couch, who feels like Pomerville is a great addition to the Scots sideline.

On top of being on the sideline and helping out at games, Pomerville’s involvement includes things off the field as well. Pomerville said that part of the pregame preparation for the football team includes a team walk from the Chapel to Bhalke Field.

“He and I worked closely together to develop the pregame chapel service into a great tradition that is capped off by our Scotsmen walk,” said Couch.

Pomerville only hopes to continue working with athletes and all of the teams he has not yet had a chance to get involved with.

“Being the chaplain for our teams is one of my favorite parts of being chaplain and I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything,” said Pomerville.

“He offers all his support anytime and he has been an amazing positivity,” said Canlas.

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