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Volleyball lets nobody stand in their way


The volleyball team is on a hot streak thus far, and it doesn’t look like there are any plans of slowing down.

The team has a record of 14-2, with the two losses to conference opponents Calvin College and Hope College.

Most notable, the team has had a few comeback wins that have led to memorable moments.

“My favorite moment this season was the game against Albion,” said senior Katie Bush (‘19).

“We battled back after a bad second and third set to win in five,” said Bush.

While there is definite senior leadership on the team, there are also some fresh faces making impacts.

“We have a strong younger class, and they continue to prove themselves every day,” said Bush.

“As a freshman it is really exciting competing at a college level,” said Sara Majerle (‘22).

“It’s a different atmosphere of play,” said Majerle.

“There is a very supportive and positive view on the game,” said Majerle.

The team credits its success to a new level of closeness on the court.

“Everyone on the team is on the same page and we all have to same mindset to play as well as we can,” said Majerle.

“The chemistry within our team has helped us greatly,” said Majerle.

“Our team dynamic is completely different than ever before,” said Bush.

The team has been dominating games so far in the season, but that success is not given.

There are big plans and high hopes for the team’s future.

“Our team is looking forward to winning as much as we can in conference play and working hard to make it into the MIAA tournament,” said Majerle.

“We plan on doing this by staying determined, focused, and supporting one another,” said Majerle.

“We will keep continuing to improve and modify ourselves in order to maintain the fluidity that we have on the court,” said Bush.

“We have a good rhythm going, and it’s all going to be about maintaining that,” said Bush.

The team’s success continued over the weekend with a dominating win over St. Mary’s College in three sets.

In the game, both Bush and Majerle were known presences on the court, with 11.5 and 13 points respectively.

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