Cassie Florian March 26, 2018

Senior art students showcase talent

By Cassie Florian

Staff Writer

Since early this year, Senior art students have been working on their senior show thesis exhibitions which were put on display on Mar. 19.  

This show, which will have a Thesis Review Apr. 7 from 2-5 p.m. and a Gala Reception which will be on Apr. 8 3-5 p.m., is currently on display in the Flora Kirsch Beck Art Gallery located in the Clack Art Center.   

The gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. The gallery will be closed on Friday Mar. 30.  

“So what we do is we collectively, all year round, essentially create our own shows,” said Jessica Morr (’18). “You start it at the beginning of your senior year and do it all year round.”  

“It is a way for us seniors to essentially [get] a critique, prepare for the real world and for grad school stuff and to express what we want our work to be about,” said Zachary Meyer (‘18). 

Although it is clear that many find the show a great way to show off their skill as an artist and prepare for their life after college, others also reflected on how the experience brings them all together and allows for even a little experimentation as well.   

“I see senior show as a collective of interests, of artists [from] that year, and a mix of interests, styles and ideas” said Alyse Townsend (’18). “It’s a like mixing pot of art.”   

It is a good collection of subjects and subject matters, human expression and elements that we all share,” said Elly Jauquet (’18).   

“Senior show is basically about exploring different techniques and the artist proves how hard they worked and how dedicated they are,” said Shayla Crawford (‘18). 

Although there are a lot of things that these artists share, there are also many differences in their work such as their styles, techniques, mediums and inspirations.   

“Personally, I made about 10 works that showcase different mediums retelling my heritage through mainstream media,” said Crawford. “I included oil painting, ceramics and colored pencil in my work.”  

“My show is about the darkness of the human psyche. My work is macabre; some would call it creepy” said Meyer. “I have several large pen drawings and a large multimedia canvas.”   

“My senior show is a combination of dry chalk illustrations and marker illustrations that focuses on themes associated with pop culture especially superheroes and videogame characters so people who love these stories and characters will associate with my work as well as I do,” said Townsend.   

“I center a lot around my personal illness, especially a couple of years ago I got really sick and this show was a coping mechanism. It was very personal and hard for me to do at first,” said Jauquet.  

“Im a graphic design major so this was a cooperation between fine art and graphic design and I depicted how women are viewed in the media and how [society] typically sees them negatively,” said Morr.   

“I interviewed 50 women to see how they think media portrays them and then took a picture of them and edited the pictures like a magazine would and you wouldn’t even realize they were edited until they were side by side,” she said.   

“I want people to walk in with open eyes and definitely to question some things that are on pieces and to ask questions. All we want is emotion driven from an audience. After that, our work is done” said Jauquet. 

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