Hank Wickley March 19, 2018 Sports

Riggs named MIAA Player of the Week

By Hank Wickley

Sports Writer

You can’t hit what you can’t see.  

Scot pitcher Josh Riggs (‘20) threw a near-perfect game recently in a 2-0 victory over Hanover College. 

Allowing only two hits and leaving the opponent scoreless, Rigss dominated the game from start to finish.  

Throwing 98 pitches and 76 strikes, there weren’t many chances for Hanover to get hits.   

“It wasn’t until the bottom of the sixth that I had given up my first hit of the game,” said Riggs.   

“And it wasn’t until the bottom of the ninth when I gave up my second hit of the game,” said Riggs, “but because all we needed was one out to win the game, that runner didn’t mean anything.”   

This stellar performance was Riggs’ first career shutout.   

“Throwing a complete game two hit shutout felt amazing,” said Riggs. He also added that the feeling, “is one that I will not forget.”  

Riggs is currently 1-0, with a 1.71 earned run average in his three starts. He currently sits at the top of the MIAA in most strikeouts thrown and innings pitched, with 16 and 21 respectively.   

Being named MIAA Player of the Week is an honor for athletes throughout the conference, and Riggs said he was filled with pride when he earned that title.   

“I was honored to be named MIAA Player of the Week,” said Riggs. “I knew none of that was possible without the hard work of my teammates.”   

On the topic of his team, Riggs said, “There isn’t any other team I’d rather take the field with.”  

His teammates have not let him down this season. The team is currently 5-2, and hopes to continue with its success.   

“I think we are capable of doing great things,” said Riggs.   

“There are always parts of our game to work on,” said Riggs, “but since it’s early in the season I think we have a chance for a memorable year.”  

Riggs concluded by saying, “as we continue to build off each and every win, there are many more great things to come from the 2018 Alma College Scots baseball team.”   

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