Jake Holt Online Online Media Sep 9, 2019 Uncategorized

A gander at Germany

JAKE HOLT STAFF WRITER Germany is one of the most economically influential members of the European Union. Germany has the world’s fifth largest economy. Large companies contributing to the economy are companies like Siemens (industrial conglomerate), Volkswagen Group (automotive), and Fresenius (medical equipment and supplies). “Travel in Germany is actually super easy. They have a […]

Campus Chelsea Faber Sep 9, 2019 Uncategorized

Breaking the Alma bubble

CHELSEA FABER STAFF WRITER For years students have been primarily housed on campus, limiting campus and community relations and creating what is known as the “Alma Bubble.” However, this fall, students began occupying the newly renovated Opera House, a project that has been conceptualized for many years. Alma College students had a unique opportunity presented […]

Atulya Dora-Laskey Sep 9, 2019 Thoughts/Opinions Uncategorized

The horror, the horror

ATULYA DORA-LASKEY STAFF WRITER It was a Saturday morning when the world unexpectedly endured two events of terrifying proportions. Despite being vastly different in each of their effects, their causes remain depressingly similar. On August 10th, just as a Manhattan prison guard began to open a jail cell, fires began spreading in the Amazon rainforest. […]

Feature Hank Wickley Sep 9, 2019 Sports Uncategorized

Healthy eating for athletes

HANK WICKLEY SPORTS WRITER For athletes, a healthy and balanced diet is critical for performance in competition. Eating healthy on campus, although it may not seem easy at first, is absolutely accomplishable. “Athletes at any level should want to treat their diet seriously and want to eat healthy,” said Zeke Nave (‘20). The dining options […]

Campus Feature Sep 9, 2019 Syndey Bossidis Uncategorized

Greek Life confronts alcohol concerns

SYDNEY BOSSIDIS STAFF WRITER Crossover, traditionally, occurs the night before classes start and is when the first parties of the school year occur. For such events to happen on campus, there are rules in place specifically to protect students’ safety. On Sept. 3, Greek organizations on campus attended a training required to host events on […]