Darcy Daenzer National

Election season kicks off

LEIA LEHRERGRAPHIC DESIGNER DARCY DAENZERLAYOUT EDITOR 11/20/2023 Even though it is still about a year out from the 2024 presidential election, the time to start thinking about the issues that will be on the ballots is now, especially if it is anything like this past Nov. 7 election day. While the most recent election covered […]

Campus Nayonikaa Singhaal

Alma College recieves religious studies grant

NAYONIKAA SINGHAALSTAFF WRITER 11/20/2023 The Synod of Covenant, a group of Presbyterian churches in Michigan and Ohio, in partnership with Alma College recently received a grant for about $100 million, from the Lilly Endowment Foundation to provide education for theology to the Presbyterian ministers.  Synod of Covenant is the same organization that founded Alma College […]

Bronwyn McAlindon Campus

IGEM gets the gold

ISABELLE CONNPHOTOGRAPHER BRONWYN MCALINDONSTAFF WRITER 11/20/2023 From Nov. 2 to Nov. 5, Alma’s Internationally Genetically Engineered Machine (IGEM) team competed at the IGEM Grand Jamboree in Paris, France, and won gold.  IGEM is a nonprofit international foundation that hosts an academic competition where more than 400 teams from across the globe participate in topics pertaining […]

Campus Carter Helmer

Cabaret comes to Alma

KYLE SCHECKPHOTOGRAPHER CARTER HELMERSTAFF WRITER 11/20/2023 Cabaret has been one of the most popular musicals since first coming to Broadway in 1966, winning 10 Tony Awards and having more than 1000 Broadway performances since. After 30 years, Alma College Theatre has brought the famous musical for 5 showings between Nov. 15-19.  Based on the 1951 play by […]

Feature Willow Nutt

City of Alma celebrates with fall festival

KYLE SCHECKPHOTOGRAPHER WILLOW NUTTSTAFF WRITER 11/6/2023 Every year, the city of Alma hosts a Fall Festival in celebration of the changing seasons. This year’s festival was hosted on Oct. 26 when several different community members joined together. The vendors, merchants and Alma College’s very own campus life passed out treats and participated in all the […]

Claire Wittlieff Feature

Tina Vivian showcases art exhibit in town

COLE PEARSONPHOTOGRAPHER CLAIRE WITTLIEFFSTAFF WRITER 11/6/2023 Walking into the Alma Community Art Center, one is immediately aware of how they are welcomed into a space. Tina Vivian, a retired costume designer from the Alma College theater department and local artist, has opened her show titled Wide Open Air: Summer 2023.  Vivian, who joined the ACAC in […]