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Trigger warnings in Gun Play stir campus opinions

COURTNEY SMITH STAFF WRITER Two weeks ago, Gunplay debuted on Alma College Campus. This unique theatrical work was produced entirely by the students of Dr. Joanne Gilbert’s Performing Advocacy class the previous semester, and was directed by Dr. GIlbert herself. Gunplay highlights the byproducts of gun violence in America. The plotline addresses themes of school […]

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Climate change versus industry

COURTNEY SMITH STAFF WRITER As of Jan. 3rd, the Trump Administration ruled that industries no longer need to account for climate change when assessing the environmental effects of major infrastructure projects. Previously, the half-a-century old National Environmental Policy Act served to both limit the entry of planet-warming greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, as well as […]

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Columbus Day or Indigenous People’s Day

COURTNEY SMITH STAFF WRITER Over the past several years, there have been many movements to replace the observation of Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day in light of the acts of terrorism committed by Columbus on indigenous communities during the Age of Exploration. The origins of Columbus Day prove much more complex than many know. […]

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First Year halls host Fire Safety Events

COURTNEY SMITH STAFF WRITER Living on Alma College campus, the reverberating sound of fire alarms quickly becomes a familiarity for all students. Fire alarms are particularly prevalent among the first-year dorms, Bruske Hall and Gelston Hall. “The fire alarms go off often – about once a week, if not more.” said Bruske resident Annabelle Avolio […]

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Amazon ablaze: what is to blame?

COURTNEY SMITH STAFF WRITER Graphic by ALLISON WOODLAND The Amazon rainforest has undergone record-breaking fires this year, and the usual drought of Amazonia’s dry season is not the only cause. In addition to drought, illegal logging and deforestation further feed the flames. “The rainforest has had intensive fires these past few months, naturally occurring as […]