Courtney Smith March 15, 2021 Thoughts/Opinions

First female Scouts to achieve Eagle Scout Status

COURTNEY SMITHSTAFF WRITER This past February, Scouts BSA, formerly known as Boy Scouts of America, inaugurated a class of nearly 1,000 females into the National Eagle Scout Association. The Eagle Scout ranking is the highest ranking in the Scouts BSA program. This is the first inaugural class to include females since the organization’s founding in […]

Campus Courtney Smith Feb 15, 2021

Celebrating Black History Month

COURTNEY SMITHSTAFF WRITER Many Americans recognize February as the month of love with Valentine’s Day on the calendar, but February also serves as Black History Month nationwide. “The campus observes Black History Month to honor the past, present and future lives, struggles and achievements of Black people,” said Donnesha Blake, Director of Diversity and Inclusion […]

Courtney Smith Nov 10, 2020

COVID-19 affects grad school applicants

COURTNEY SMITHSTAFF WRITER Each year around this time, college juniors and seniors all across the country are working diligently on their applications to a variety of different graduate programs. However, COVID-19 impacts many different aspects of the application process. Applicants should expect to be highly flexible throughout their application process, as it could look very […]

Courtney Smith National Sep 21, 2020

GEO on strike at University of Michigan

COURTNEY SMITHSTAFF WRITER Last Tuesday, the Graduate Employees’ Organization, also known as GEO, commenced a strike at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Over three quarters of GEO’s 2,000 graduate student instructors and assistants support the strike, which took place over four days. Those on the picket lines wore masks and maintained social-distancing guidelines […]

Courtney Smith National Sep 8 2020

Protests over return to in-person classes

COURTNEY SMITHSTAFF WRITER Late at night on August 20th, over 40 protesters congregated outside of U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s home in Holland, Michigan, donning signs that read “Wake up Betsy,” and “People over profit.” Protests just like this one are happening all over the country in response to the return of students to […]