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Deadly virus coming from Arctic icecaps

BAILEY LANGBO STAFF WRITER Climate change is a subject that has long been circulating through the news and world politics. Although there are countless side effects of climate change, researchers have recently discovered another phenomenon occurring: key marine animal species across the globe are dying due to a virus being released from melting icecaps. Phocine […]

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Football coach subdues potential shooter

BAILEY LANGBO DISTRIBUTION MANAGER Parkrose High School, in Portland, Oregon, received a massive scare when Angel Granados-Diaz, 18, walked into a classroom with a loaded shotgun on May 17. Granados-Diaz entered the school in a black trench coat and disappeared into a classroom, where he reportedly was going to commit suicide. Investigators say that Diaz […]

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Student Organization: something for everyone

BAILEY LANGBO STAFF WRITER Photo by RAUL RIVERA It’s no secret that our college boasts a wide array of clubs and organizations. If you can think of it, chances are, we have it—we’ve got Greek life, religious organizations, political organizations, service-oriented organizations, music groups, academic groups and special interest groups, among others, with the option […]

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Michigan government shut down

BAILEY LANGBO STAFF WRITER Michigan’s state budget has recently been cause for concern as Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and state lawmakers have continuously disagreed over the issue. Agreeing on the budget, which is supposed to be set in place on Oct. 1, would prevent the partial government shutdown and possibly stop roughly 30,000 state employees from […]