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Women’s Wrestling heading into the NCAA



The Alma College Women’s Wrestling team is coming up on an exciting first match in Art Smith Arena and in the MIAA. After their first matches last year, there is a lot of excitement in preparation for the women’s wrestling team’s first official season in the NCAA.  

The women’s wrestling team has been an exciting new addition to the wide array of athletic teams that reside on the Alma College campus. It will be great to see how they handle their first-ever conference matches that are taking place on Nov. 9 against Trine University.

“We want them to go out there, wrestle and have fun. It’s going to be a celebration of women’s wrestling,” said Jordan Monroe, Assistant Coach of Women’s Wrestling.  

For many of the teammates, it will be their first experience on the mat in college. These athletes have made great preparations to take on their first opponent.  

Katlyn Pizzo, the head coach, and Monroe had a lot of good things to say about their team. Both coaches are relatively new to the coaching staff with it being their first and second years respectively as coaches at Alma.

“[Practice has] been really good… We started from… the absolute basics, and we’ve been working our way up so they’re now into a technique that kind of runs off itself. We call it chain wrestling,” said Pizzo.

The team has a great connection that could help to bring a lot of success to their future in the NCAA. With the team heading into the beginning of a match-filled season, the high morale, competitive spirit and tight-knit community the team holds dear, will push them to have a very successful first season.  

“We’re most proud of… the connection that our athletes have. They so quickly have become like sisters to one another… so it’s really special to get to support each other… I’m most excited to get to watch them on the bench rally for one another,” said Pizzo.

Teammates, Celeste Welch (’27) and Mackenzie Burger (’27), also seemed excited for what the season holds as they head into their first season, and first matches, as Scots.

“I mean [I’m] a little nervous. I feel … [that since] a lot of us are all freshmen… it’s already scary without the fact it’s the first dual that the schools having for the women’s side ever, but [I’m] still feeling good and excited,” said Welch. 

It will be exciting to see many of these Scots take on their first matches in such a historical way. This will be a very memorable moment for the Scots. 

Go cheer on the Scots as they wrestle for a historical win on Nov. 9[MRN1]  in the Art Smith Arena at 6 p.m. There will be a post-match celebration to appreciate all the preparation put into this first match and the historical moment.  

You can sign up for the post-match celebration on the Alma Scots Women’s Wrestling Instagram: @almascotswwrestling.  For more season updates on Alma College Women’s Wrestling, go to

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