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Clack Art Center hosts annual Halloween party





Alma College students involved in the arts gathered for the Clack Art Center Halloween party that is thrown on an annual basis. This year’s party was hosted on Oct. 30 from 4 to 5 p.m. in a Halloween Eve-esque celebration. 

This year’s Halloween party was a little bit different as this year, the party was exclusively thrown as a small get together in a leisurely fashion for art majors and minors on campus.

While being a place to relax and catch a break, it was also another occasion for art students to express their creative side through their fun and festive costumes.

“I really love[ed] the energy… It [was] very calm and laid-back,” said Iris Jimenez (‘27), an art student decked out in a full costume for the party.

“The party [was] very chill [with] not too many people, so I like[d] it,” said Martell Mosley (‘27).

Evidently, art students tended to enjoy the more informal vibe of this year’s celebrations; however, other students should not worry as the annual campus-wide bash will be returning in its regular campus-wide fashion in the coming years.

“Last year was a campus-wide party, but we wanted to have this year be more calm. Next year, though, we will most likely switch back to a campus-wide party,” said Jillian Dickson, Visiting Assistant Professor of Art here at Alma College.

Art majors have been busy this year with art shows and the Alma Art Prize, a campus-wide competition in which very involved artistic works are installed around campus. That being said, they enjoyed this well-deserved breather in the semester.

“It’s nice to sit here and just relax for a while,” said Abigail Zebra (’24).

While being a place to relax and catch a break, this party was another occasion for art students to express their creative side as per Halloween traditions, students arrived in full costume.

“It’s a great way to express yourself, which is also something I tend to do a lot,” said Rachel Olivier (‘27), who arrived at the event in a scary clown costume with artfully crafted makeup.

Other students similarly participated. Jimenez came in a costume she made herself to imitate Red Guy a character from a series called, Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared. Additionally, Mosley came dressed as Monkey D. Luffy, an anime favorite of his.

While the focal point of the annual party may be Halloween, the event joined art majors and minors together and provided an opportunity for the students to reminisce on why they chose their path of study in the first place.

“I chose art as my major and I believe it was a really great decision because it is what I love most,” said Jimenez.

The party brought on feelings of passion for Mosley. “[Becoming an art major was clearly] an amazing decision; art is my passion.”

Look out for information regarding more Clack Art celebrations as they are super fun and easy ways to get acquainted with campus arts.

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