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Pine River Anthology theme announced




Every year, Alma College’s Pine River Anthology organization publishes an edition of students’ original work, including artwork and written pieces. This year’s theme is Lacuna, referring to a blank space or missing part. 

“The staff this year brainstormed over the first few weeks on the theme, and we decided on Lacuna because we were drawn to it and the ways it can be interpreted,” said Charlayne-Aye Olegario (’24), the editor-in-chief of Pine River Anthology who is an art major. 

“As we consider the theme, we think of things like, ‘Does the theme push people towards a more positive or negative interpretation? Does it have too many negative connotations? Is it able to be represented in a creative way through the publication’s format?’” said Olegario. 

Part of the research and work completed to create this year’s theme included looking through past editions for inspiration. 

“In the upcoming edition, I would love for us to feature a wider variety of works. As I looked through decades of previous editions, I noticed various poems and short stories– which we had last year– but also short essays, so that would be interesting to receive,” said Olegario.

“On the art side, we were lacking ceramic work or 3D forms last year, so that would be great to expand on,” said Olegario, who is also looking forward to submissions from students in the New Media Studies field. 

Works of all formats are encouraged to be submitted and all students should feel comfortable about doing so. Students should submit their work through the Pine River Anthology website, and any additional questions or information can be asked to or received by Olegario or other staff members. 

“Submitting for the first time is understandably nerve-wracking. I recommend just going for it because having your work published as an undergraduate student is so incredibly helpful in the future,” said Olegario. 

“With the publication being around since 1952, it may seem intimidating, but to have your name alongside a long history of artists and writers is such an awesome feeling,” said Olegario. “Put your best foot forward and strive to make your work known because if you don’t try to show your work, how will others know about your skills?” 

“Another way to think about it is that [Pine River Anthology] is a community of creatives who are just as nervous about their work being perceived, but we share it because we want to inspire others and contribute to the long publication history,” said Olegario.

Olegario expressed that Pine River Anthology members are always looking for more to join the team, especially those who are pursuing English as their field of study. Meetings are held on Wednesdays from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Clack building, Room 200. The meeting times and location will continue for the rest of the Fall 2023 semester.

Lacunathe 2024 edition of Pine River Anthology, will be released sometime during the upcoming winter semester.

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