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Resources available for seniors job searching




With graduation quickly approaching, many seniors are currently looking for jobs to launch them into their careers. While some students have found them on their own, through previous internship experiences and connections they have made over the years, many may still be wondering what on-campus resources are available to them as they continue their search even beyond graduation.

Thankfully, the Career and Personal Development team located in the lower level of the Learning Commons has resources available for all students on campus. Services offered include resume and cover letter building assistance and resources, mock interviews and so much more related to the internship and job hunt.

“I recommend that students who may have questions about finding jobs use Handshake to schedule an appointment with one of our staff,” said Brittany Stoneman, Associate Director of Career and Personal Development. 

Other options available through the Career and Personal Development office include Career-Peer drop-in hours. During those hours, which are typically 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., students have an opportunity to talk with fellow students and get direction with anything from cover letter writing to resume review. 

When making an appointment with the Career and Personal Development office, it is important to remember that it may be a process to get where you want to go rather than getting immediate answers. 

“A tool that we have found to be very helpful for students is the L.A.M.P. list which comes from The 2-Hour Job Search by Steve Dalton,” said Margie Cole, Assistant Director of Career and Personal Development. 

The acronym L.A.M.P. refers to List, Advocate, Motivation and Positions, all of which are helpful tools in creating a more tailored approach toward your job search. Students are encouraged to use the interactive version of the L.A.M.P. list online at to begin utilizing the tool.

“A lot of students also do not take advantage of the resources available on our website, which is structured in an explore, experience [and] launch approach,” said Stoneman. 

The Career and Personal Development website can be found at

Students who are concerned that once they graduate they will no longer have access to many of the services provided through Career and Personal Development also need not worry as the office is available for anyone who is currently an Alma College student or who has graduated from Alma College. 

Students are also encouraged to use professional development programs such as Handshake and LinkedIn to source jobs and make connections with alumni and employers. Sometimes just searching through alumni profiles can help to narrow down the job search or peak interest in one direction or another in terms of career. 

Another important factor to consider when thinking about finding jobs is that there is no one answer on how to find one. However, utilizing multiple search engines and building networks are all really good ways to get started with the search. Students are encouraged to reach out to members of their athletics teams who may have already graduated and begun their careers, as well as alumni members of their Fraternity and Sorority Life organizations. 

“It’s also very important to fill out the graduate survey, so I can stay in touch with students who are still seeking jobs and remind them that my services are always still here,” said Stoneman. 

Ultimately, it is just important for students to remember that there are tons of opportunities available to them for finding jobs. Even if they are stressed about school now, there are always resources available after graduation to help.

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