Campus Emma Figlewicz

Tips for Alma College exam week

EMMA FIGLEWICZSTAFF WRITER 12/5/2022 As final exams draw near, students may find themselves indulging in late nights and stressing over final grades.  From Dec. 5 to Dec. 9, students will have final exams in numerous forms. They may be essays, presentations, multiple choice or in other formats. Students are preparing for this time with ways they have found to […]

Campus Leia Lehrer Salem Gray

Local and travel Winter Alternative Breaks

LEIA R. LEHRERGRAPHIC DESIGNER SALEM GRAYSTAFF WRITER 12/5/2022 With winter break coming just around the corner, Alma College students are deciding what their plans are after this semester ends. Alternative Breaks have been offered to students for a chance to engage in local and travel opportunities for community service and outreach.  “It’s a great way to meet […]

Campus Jordan Fox

Football team ends historic season

JORDAN FOXSTAFF WRITER 12/5/2022 The Alma College football team wrapped up a historic season on Nov. 26, ending 11-1 after a loss to Aurora University in round two of the NCAA Playoffs.  Despite losing 48- 26, it was still a record- breaking season that will not be forgotten any time soon. The team won its first MIAA Championship […]

Campus Danielle Nykanen

Mental health resources at Alma College

DANIELLE NYKANENSTAFF WRITER 11/21/2022 Alma College is welcoming back the old tradition of therapy dog and rescue kitten events. Students can now also schedule light therapy, Let’s Talk sessions and use of a massage chair through the Wilcox Health Center. Mental health concerns have been on the rise and many college campuses are seeing the impacts. Luckily, Alma […]

Alivia GIles Campus

Kiltie Marching Band holds Centennial Celebration

ALIVIA GILESLAYOUT EDITOR 11/21/2022 On Sunday, Nov. 20, the Alma College Kiltie Marching Band (KMB) hosted the KMB Centennial Celebration. The event, which followed the band’s final Indoor Show, took place in the Art Smith Arena located in Alma College’s Hogan Center. Tickets to the KMB Centennial Celebration were $35 and included dinner, drinks and a program of events. Alma College partnered with […]