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Winter registration brings excitement and stress




With the Fall Term wrapping up, the beginning of registration for the Winter Term begins. This period can be stressful and chaotic for many students; however, there are many ways to make registering for classes easy, efficient and effective.

Many advisors email their advisees to schedule a meeting time to discuss which classes will be best for the upcoming semester. Most of the time, advisors are chosen based on a student’s academic field of interest. This helps them understand a student’s major or minor requirements.

All advisors have different attitudes and methods regarding advising. This can significantly affect the advising experience.

“I switched advisors after I changed majors. This switch allowed me to understand how different advisors have different advising styles. I feel as if I connected better with my current advisor than I did with my previous one. [This] has allowed me to have a great advising experience over the years,” said Andrew Smith (’22).

For many underclassmen still deciding what major they want to pursue, registration can be stressful as there is no set list of distributive requirements.

“Going into registration, I didn’t know what course plan I wanted to undergo. I am still contemplating my major, and picking classes has been a struggle. My advisor helped relieve most of my stress, and with his help, we made a plan that I wouldn’t have been able to create myself,” said Kylie Demarets (’25).

Those still determining their academic path should seek the help of their advisors to devise an interesting path in different classes. This may help spur interest in a subject area. 

There are four time periods students can register for classes. Those with 90 or more credits pick on Oct. 31. Students with 56 or more credits pick on Nov. 2. Anyone with 25 or more credits picks on Nov 7. Finally, all remaining students can decide on Nov. 9.

These dates were chosen to allow upperclassmen to choose first, which will enable them to stay calm about getting a seat in classes necessary to graduate. First-year and second-year students must usually work around this factor, understanding some classes they want to take will fill up.

“My classes are always planned far ahead, making it less stressful. As an upperclassman, registering early has been a huge stress reliever, so now I don’t have to worry if classes I need to graduate fill up,” said Marissa Luzac (’24).

“Picking out classes has been very stressful for me. As an underclassman who picks last, it is nerve-wracking knowing that certain classes I need to take might not be available due to limits on class sizes,” said Sofia Flores (’26).

If first-year and second-year students aim to get the classes they want, they should have a line-up of different class options from other subject areas. If students do not limit themselves to one or two subject areas, they allow themselves to be open to an extensive array of classes to choose from.

“A student should have a number of classes that are interesting to them that are different. There should be various classes so that your studying is diverse enough to be done well,” said Dr. Hulme, professor of political science.

If students have any questions regarding winter registration, they should reach out to their advisor as soon as possible, as registration closes on Nov. 13.

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