Campus Sep 19, 2022

South campus neglected



Alma College’s campus has been experiencing Michigan’s 5th season, construction, for countless months now; however, the college is not focusing on the actual problem at hand south of Superior St. 

Many students believe that South campus housing has been neglected by the school. While the learning commons and the chapel are undergoing construction and beautification, residential buildings on the south side of campus are wasting away into ruin. 

With health and safety concerns reported by numerous students living in these buildings, it is concerning that Alma College is prioritizing other projects that were unnecessary to the betterment of residential life. 

Our small housing opportunities like the FSL (Fraternity Sorority Life), MUN (Model United Nations) and Pride houses are a staple living space for many of the students at Alma College. They allow our students to get involved within the community, make new friends and create lasting memories. 

Unfortunately, those living there are dealing with a multitude of health concerns. “In our house we have mold issues, insect issues, we have a reoccurring bat issue and overall lack of up-keep” said Bailey Allison ‘23

One of the most recent small housing buildings, Zeta Sigma Fraternity, may not experience these problems to the frequency that the older buildings have, but those living there have pointed out the unhealthy/ unsafe conditions of our small housing opportunities. “With our house being the newest on campus, I feel comfortable living here. I have been in most of the other south campus houses, and I have seen the neglect of the college. If I were living in one of the older houses on campus, then I would not be comfortable living there” said Jade Harbert ’23

Not only are these students living in a biohazard, filled with known allergens and creepy crawlers, but they are also concerned for their safety. These residents have submitted their worries to facilities through work orders and have received little help, if any.

The apartment style resident buildings Brazell and Bonbright/ Carey deal with similar issues to that of small housing. “I don’t feel comfortable living on south [campus]. Especially when the doors to buildings don’t adequately lock or close. Some of the doors on both Brazell and Bonbright/Carey are never locked despite work orders I know are pending. Work orders take an extremely long to get done, if at all” said Anika Reid ‘23

With the wellbeing and safety of Alma’s students at risk, it is shocking to see the school focus on less pressing matters such as the learning commons and chapel. Without the students, a school has nothing; therefore, it is concerning that Alma College is prioritizing putting fresh paint on the chapel instead of making sure intruders cannot get into our rooms.

As if the living conditions of these buildings could not get any worse, broken furniture and fastenings are a staple here at Alma College as well. “I have a friend who lives in Brazell, and their bathroom door is quite literally falling apart and doesn’t close. The solution is duct tape. They live in the same exact room this year and over the summer the school did absolutely nothing about it, despite originally saying that Brazell would be renovated.” said Anika Reid ’23.

With all of these known concerns, Alma College needs to listen to its students who are suffering under these conditions and fix these resident buildings in order to make them safe and secure. “This project seems to have been moved to the back burner in order prioritize the learning commons and repainting the chapel…among other things,” said Anika Reid ’23.

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