Gossip Squirrel Sep 19, 2022

Gossip Squirrel 9/19/22

Dear Gossip Squirrel,
The person I am currently dating has what I would say is complete opposite political views than me. I have been fine by it so far but now that we have started to talk about it I don’t know how to feel.

-political disagreement

Dear political disagreement
Topics in politics has to be one of the hardest conversations that you can take part in. If there are concerns in the types of politics your significant other follows, a conversation can be hard but is crucial. If talking about politics, remember to have a conversation that is constructive not destructive. It can be hard to speak about things you don’t agree on but use this conversation to understand your partner more and possibly start a dialogue that can help them understand your perspective.

Dear Gossip Squirrel,
The past couple of weeks I have felt a little more lonely than usual. If I’m talking to someone usually they don’t stick around. Am I looking at the wrong signs or am I delusional?

-I need a person

Dear I need a person,
Seeing so many relationships around campus and being around so many people can easily make you feel slightly lonely. Remember to never get down on yourself for it. When the time is right it will happen! Continue meeting people and make sure to stay present and have fun.

-Gossip Squirrel

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