Feb 15, 2021 Lizzy Dermody Positive Updates

Positive Updates 2/15/21


This is a reminder that everything is temporary, and you are strong enough to persevere through the hard times. Though it is even more difficult now, take charge of your life and make the most of each and every day. Don’t sweat the small stuff but take note of the little things, remembering that but one second can change your life.

It only takes 14 muscles in your face to smile, as opposed to the 26 muscles it takes to frown – and it only takes a second to smile. Smiling, even when unhappy, has been proven to stimulate the brain to produce more dopamine, causing you to become happier. With everyone wearing masks, it may be a challenge, but a smile can be conveyed through the eyes or tone of voice as well. So let’s all find a spare second to share a smile – with a friend or even a stranger – and make our world a happier place.

“Use your smile to change the world; don’t let the world change your smile.”– Chinese Proverb

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