Bi-Weekly Horoscope Feb 1, 2021

Weekly Horoscope 2/1/21


What the Signs Need to Hear

Aries – You’re too petulant. At some point people will grow tired and stop coddling you.

Taurus – Your stubbornness will get you nowhere except backwards. You can’t sulk forever.

Gemini – Your impulsivity will lead you down many paths. Recognize which of those are worthwhile.

Cancer – Your pursuit of perfection is often in vain. Know when to give up.

Leo – You steamroll over others without a care and neglect other’s thoughts. Understand that not everyone shares your beliefs.

Virgo – Your love of approaching things from an analytical perspective will only take you so far. Not everything can be sorted into neat categories.

Libra – You strive for diplomacy, but understand that being non-confrontational results in no good compromise. Realize when you need to choose a side.

Scorpio – You pride yourself in being secretive, but you need to realize that comes at a cost. Not all secrets are worth holding onto.

Sagittarius – You are the cause of most the problems in your life. Try to be more introspective and maybe things will change.

Capricorn – People see you as forgettable for a reason. You need to stop hiding in the shadows or you’ll fade away.

Aquarius – You can’t repress your emotions for the rest of your life. At some point, they will implode and cause more destruction.

Pisces – You’re not always right. Accept your wrongdoings and stop pulling the wool over your eyes.

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