April 9, 2018 Caden Wilson

“Provoke” showcases NMS seniors

By Caden Wilson

News Editor

“Provoke is what we’d like our work to do to viewers. There’s a wide variety of projects at this show, and they all have the ability to spark some sort of emotion or feeling,” said Zachary Kribbit (‘18). 

Kribbit is one of several seniors exhibiting work for the New Media Studies department’s senior show “Provoke,” which will be held in the DOW lobby on April 11.  

He, like many other participating students, hopes to inspire thought and emotion through their projects- many of which deal with difficult and topical subject matter.   

“The most enjoyable part is looking at the final product and being able to say, wow, I was able to do this as a student,” Kribbit said.  

“I very rarely boast about myself, but I’m incredibly proud of what I’ve been able to do for this show despite obstacles and setbacks.”   

“Provoke” showcases a wide variety of work, including photography, film, web, sound and game design.  

However, the wide variety of media forms within the major doesn’t change the key concepts.   

“New Media Studies is a weird conglomerate of things. It can be interpreted in a lot of ways and everyone has a different view of how It should operate and what it should be. Taking a minor with NMS is sometimes a good option to keep your feet grounded,” said James Gaddy (‘18), who like many other NMS majors is driven by his passion.  

“I like filming [and] creating; I can’t sit still unless I’m watching clips or like media, so going out and shooting is just as exciting as sitting around and editing,” Gaddy said.   

The varying nature of the degree leaves students free to draw influence and inspiration from a wide variety of places.   

“I would say my internship with Alma Athletics prepared me the most for ‘Provoke.’ I created multiple videos for them that really tested all of my video production skills,” said Skylr Goodman (‘18), who cites Dr. Collamati’s encouragement to focus both on technical precision, and a compelling story that keeps the audience engaged.   

“For ‘Provoke’ specifically, I spent all semester preparing. It’s a project that’s meant to encompass all of my skills as an NMS major, so I could say my entire college career was preparation for this show,” Goodman said.  

Difficulties are not just commonplace when preparing for a showcase like “Provoke,” but fully expected.   

“My project takes place in Grand Rapids, so I was constantly running back and forth from here to there, as well as spending a ridiculous amount of time editing,” said Kribbit.  

“The biggest challenge was trying not to get discouraged when my clients couldn’t set up a meeting time with me, or if I looked at my footage afterwards and either didn’t have enough or some of it wasn’t quality,” Kribbit said. 

“I overthink a lot of my work and criticize it more myself than others and it’s weird. I also had to make time to film and cut together my project,” said Gaddy.  

“My original project was a lot larger than I anticipated and took up a lot more time than I expected to have.”   

Light refreshments and appetizers will be provided at the showcase where students, friends, family and faculty are invited to finally see these projects.  

The department asks attendees to RSVP but encourages everyone to come regardless.  

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