April 9, 2018 Cassie Florian News

College hosts Pine River Film Festival

By Cassie Florian

Staff Writer

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This past Saturday Alma College had their second ever Pine River Student Film Festival at the Strand theater from noon to 9 p.m. There were high school films, homegrown films and college films shown at the event in the narrative and documentary categories.  

At the end of every category the audience was given a chance to vote for their favorite film.   

There was a table at the event that was selling t-shirts, posters, pins and sticker and admissions also was there giving away brochures lanyards pens and tote bags. The theater itself was also selling concessions at the event.   

At the event there was also an activity booth called “provoke a scene” which was a social media campaign that encouraged guests to create their own narratives using figurines and backdrops that could be shared on social media with the hashtag #PRSFF18 which gave an educational aspect to the festival.  

There were also a few returning New Media Studies alumni who returned to support the students and enjoy the show.  

“I watched all of it [and] thought it was really cool, I was really excited for it because I have never been to one and I’ll probably go to it again next year,” said Jessica Araway (‘21).  “I also thought it was cool to see the local films, because I knew people who were in them.”  

“I watched the college section, but I missed the homegrown part,” said Casey Ball (‘18). “I thought it went really well, I was happy it happened again this year because I didn’t get to go last year.”  

“I saw bits and pieces of the high school documentary part and the last half of the college narrative and I loved it,” said Olivia St. Arnold.  

“I loved supporting other filmmakers and seeing what others are capable of. Filmmakers supporting filmmakers, you know?”  

“I got to meet a few Alma film students which was cool, since I go to a film school in Grand Rapids. I loved ‘Average Fellas’ and ‘Love of Cinema,’” said St. Arnold.  

“I watched everything except for the high school documentaries and I thought it went really well,” said Zachary Kribbet (‘18). “It was really well organized, and I thought there was some really good work that was shown.”  

This year, although it is only the festivals second year, has dramatically increased in size with over 1400 submissions, which is something several students took notice of.   

“My favorite part was probably the fact that we had submissions from over 90 countries; that’s insane,” said Ball.  

“I guess just like the sheer amount of films and submissions that were submitted, and the fact that it was all student based was what stood out for me,” said Kribbet.  

“I would, I’d like to be able to support it more [in the future], but I don’t know if I’ll be able to because I’m graduating,” said Ball.  

“I would most definitely [come again] because I think it is very, very cool to share something like this, that is all student-led,” said Kribbet.   

“I would come again! I’d always support other filmmakers. I might just submit a film next year too,” said St. Arnold.  

“The event went well! I really wish there were more people there but I’m happy with the outcome,” said Zack Baker (’18). “Of course, I hope next year goes even better. I wouldn’t have done a thing different.”   

“My favorite part was that everyone that came had a good time. I feel glad that I don’t have to worry about it, but I’m sad that it’s all over,” said Baker. “It’s like a birthday party or a graduation, you look forward to it for so long, and when it’s over it’s kind of empty.” 

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