Feb 19, 2018 Joelle Fisher Sports

STUNT tumbles into winning record

By Joelle Fisher

Sports Writer

STUNT began its season in full force with two perfect performances on back to back weekends. The team sits at a 7-1 record with only one loss to Davenport by a 12-18 margin.

“STUNT season is my favorite time of the year because I love the atmosphere and energy that game days bring,” said Morgan Thompson (‘18).

“It’s an experience and feeling that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else,” said Thompson.

“It’s fast-paced and pushes both the athletes and coaches to strategize, think, react and perform under pressure,” said Michelle Sabourin, head cheer and STUNT coach.

During its 2016-2017 season, the girls lost to Davenport with a score of 14-17 at College STUNT National Championships in Dallas, Texas. The team’s achievements put them at second place overall at the tournament.

“Being involved in STUNT makes me a better athlete because there is a major emphasis on teamwork,” said Erica Kuiper (‘18).

“Every individual plays a role in the game and we all have to work together to produce the best outcome,” said Kuiper.

This season the girls are focusing on striving for perfect routines so that their only option is to win or tie. More STUNT teams have formed in the past few years which has lead to more competition and room for improvement within Alma’s team.

“As coaches, we try to treat each team and each season as a new start, and progress the team to grow and improve,” said Sabourin.

With the addition of nine new freshmen to the team, the girls are ready to chase their dreams and show off their hard work.

“I set a 5-year plan when I was hired, and my team met every goal in year two,” said Sabourin.

“Since that time, we have just worked on being the best we can be every day, having purposeful practices, and making the most of every opportunity to get better,” said Sabourin.

The team wrapped up their regional play on Sunday, Feb. 18. Alma College hosted the STUNT tournament at Art Smith Arena and invited University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Olivet College, Davenport University and Ferris State for competition. (See goalmascots.com for results)

“I want the girls to withhold the culture that we’ve worked so hard to build and ensure that it continues after they are gone by teaching and mentoring the new members,” said Sabourin.


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