Feb 5, 2018 Joelle Fisher Sports

Student Athletic Advisory Council hosts Jock Rock

By Joelle Fisher

Sports Writer

Students, faculty and friends gathered together for an evening of laughter and self-inflicted embarrassment in the Hogan Center for the 7th annual Jock Rock this past weekend. Jock Rock is an event that is organized and hosted by the Student Advisory Council (SAAC).  

The acts during the events are put on by student-athletes and the athletic department faculty; however, anyone in the community is welcome to attend.   

“Jock Rock is a great time for athletes to get together and have some fun, and enjoy a night of great laughs,” said Michelle Sabourin, head cheer and stunt coach.  “It’s always a blast to see student athletes out of their normal roles and this event really serves as a great event for all involved,” said Sabourin.  

The rules of Jock Rock have been quite the same over the years. All participating sports teams are required to put on a skit and/or music parody in under 5 minutes. Three judges will score each routine based on its creativity, costumes, audience response and overall impression.  

The winning team will receive a trophy to hold onto for the year as well as bragging rights.” 

My freshman year we got everyone from our team involved which was an awesome excuse for more bonding time together,” said Kristina Berklanz (‘19).  

“We had so much fun the whole time while choreographing a dance and even ended up getting placed in the top five,” said Berklanz.   

The judges this year were Nancy Gagerfrom Hamilton Commons, Pete the custodian and John from the Registrar’s office.  

SAAC picks these individuals based on a voting system within the club. Judges are typically chosen because of their presence on campus and impartiality to the event.   

“I love that Jock Rock is embarrassing, but in a funny, nonjudgmental way,” said Miller.  “My favorite memory from last year was when one of the baseball players serenaded Nancy,”said Miller. This year’s Jock Rock was hosted by Katie Bush (‘19) and Laura Kastler (‘19).  

This is their second year in a row hosting together, and their third year involved in SAAC.   

“Jock Rock is one of my favorite events that SAAC runs every year,” said Bush.  

“Student athletes are given a chance to compete in a new atmosphere that is based more on creativity and humor rather than skill and strength,” said Bush.  

“Thinking of something creative as a team and going through the process of putting it into a skit is my favorite part of Jock Rock because you get to see a side of your teammates that you don’t normally see on the field,” said Ally Ray (‘20). 


The top five spots this year were dominated by women’s teams. Women’s lacrosse, soccer, basketball, softball and Cheer & STUNT were among the top five. 

The winning team will be announced in the weeks to come and will be able to pick where they wish to sit at Scotties.  

“Win or lose, this is always such a fun time for our student athletes on campus,” said Bush. “We love to see how involved everyone can be and how enjoyable it is to come together as a community.” 

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