Jan 29, 2018 Nathaniel Fryer News

Houses prepare for Greek Week

By Nathaniel Fryer

Staff Writer

Alma College is in the process of recruitment for fraternities and sororities. This week, all non-Greek females have the opportunity to attend desserts, spreads and teas if they wish to rush a sorority, and all non-Greek males can attend smokers.  

Throughout the previous semester, both fraternities and sororities have been holding rush and recruitment events for potential new members.  

The Student Life Office even hired a team of professionals from Phired Up Productions to train Greek students on recruitment techniques, and Greek Life members were allowed to move in early on January 6 to attend the training, which happened the next day.  

“Phired Up re-solidified effective rushing tactics, and provided insight on helpful technology,” said Anthony Pizzo (’19), the President of Zeta Sigma.  

Last week, PanHellenic Executive Board Members and Inter-Fraternal Council Executive Council members sat at tables during the lunch and dinner hours at SAGA, and were able to get about 75 names on the Sorority recruitment list, and 63 names on the fraternity rush list.  

During this week, all non-Greek students have the chance to get to find their preferred Greek organization, and learn more about it, before Walkouts and Runouts on Friday and Saturday.   

Choosing the correct fraternity or sorority to rush is often a challenging process for many.   

“Greek life is a big part of Alma College. Greek life is there to help empower others to change the world by working together,” said Mercedez Thill (’19), who is currently one of the two PanHellenic recruitment chairs.   

“With Alma being such a small campus, I believe Greek life has a big impact in all the clubs and organizations on campus because the values upheld in Greek life help the membership strive to be the best that it can be with the help of others.”  

The recruitment process for potential new members emphasizes finding the fraternity or sorority that is best fit for individual needs.  

After signing the rush list, individuals are invited to attend smokers or teas, spreads and desserts.   

Upon the conclusion of desserts, teas, spreads and smokers, sororities and fraternities will hold their bids meeting, and discuss which individuals embody the qualities they uphold. “Rushing was beautiful… it was the high point of my freshman year,” states Jack Montgomery (’20), the Inter-Fraternal Council Rush Chairman.  

Once the last round of the recruitment process has finished (for sororities that is Wednesday, and for fraternities that is Thursday), there is a period of no-talks- no communication between current members of Greek life and possible members. This excludes communications between students who share the same classes.  

“This year the process of no-talks [for sororities] changed so that after the last preference meeting we aren’t able to talk to the new members until after walkouts,” explained Emily Jodway (’19), the President of Gamma Phi Beta. “You don’t want to sway [potential new members’] opinions on recruitment, so I believe that this process of no talks helps them.”  

On 2 February, all the sororities will gather with their supporters in the Stone Recreation Center, and wait for their new members to join their ranks of sisterhood. This same process will be repeated the next evening when fraternities gather, and await their new members.   Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 1.19.33 PM

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