Authors Jan 22, 2018

Tau Kappa Epsilon volunteers at blood drive

By Rose Cyburt

Staff Writer

Every year, Tau Kappa Epsilon contacts the Red Cross and hosts a blood drive for campus. The incentive for donating was the chance to win a gift card. “We would just like to say thank you to everyone on campus and in the community that came to donate,” said Evyn Bryant (’19).  

Unfortunately, donation isn’t an option for some people. Reasons for not being able to give blood or having to wait a certain amount of time include traveling outside of the country, having tattoos, being a homosexual male who has had sex or having anemia according to the Red Cross.  

It was also the beginning of a new athletic season, so some athletes could not donate. 

Jadon House (’20): 


Q: What makes you passionate about helping this organization?  

A: “I think it is great to see people commit unselfish acts to help others. Donating blood is especially important for everyone. “ 

Q: How did you personally help?  

A: “I was there to help check people in. I couldn’t donate though because of tennis. Quinton Moeggenborg (’20) is our philanthropy chair and planned the event.”  

Q: How do you think the event went?  

A: “I am super proud of my fraternity brothers. Yes, the event went well, but we have done so much to change our organization for the better. We are required to do service hours, but we take pride in volunteering and have almost doubled our numbers including for our philanthropy.”  

Taylor McPhail (’18):  

Q: How did you help with the event?  

A: “I couldn’t stay long because of practice, but I was able to help set up and register a few people. I also couldn’t donate because of wrestling, but I have before.  “ 

Q: How do you think the event went?  

A: “The event went well; it usually does. We have done some positive work for the community and we just want to make a point that Greek life is more than just parties. While the Red Cross is not our direct philanthropy, we just want to help and volunteer.” 

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