Jan 22, 2018 John Durga Sports

Spring sports start season training

By John Durga

Staff Writer

Spring is just around the corner and athletes that compete in spring athletics are ramping up and getting ready.  

Alma College has baseball, lacrosse, tennis, track and softball teams competing in the spring. With over 100 athletes preparing strategies, what is important to each individual varies.  

The college recently added a brand new weight room its staff strength and conditioning coaches that are available to it’s athletes every day during the work week. These resources give preparing athletes a lot of opportunity and guidance to be as ready as possible for their upcoming season.  

“Fall sports are all kind of jealous,” said Tyler Mrock (’19).  “We spend the summer at home on our own lifting at hometown gyms while spring sports get to take advantage of all the things Alma has to offer.” 

Preparing does not just begin with the new year for spring sport athletes. All are on these athletes are on training programs in the fall that are administered by their coaches. Many of those same athletes are also in the weight room and watching film to learn their game.  

“Our guys have been following a pretty specific plan since our fall practice ended, and should be prepared for these final  five weeks or so before we open up our 2018 season. We are eager for practice to start and get our guys competing for opportunities,” said Jake Sabol, head baseball coach.  

Some especially enthused athletes also take it upon themselves to take on extra practice outside the team attempting to gain an edge.  

“I began training for this season in June,” said Connor Alley (’20). “To be in peak shape you have to not only work hard but also not take time off and fall backward.”  

One of a coach’s main tasks is to decide what practice and training techniques will help the team be best prepared. This varies between sports and coaches.  

“The most important thing that I do to prepare myself for a new season is to make sure that I have the right mindset. Meaning I am ready to lead by example, I am ready to put the players and our goals first, and put everything else on a shelf,” said Adam Nycz, assistant men’s lacrosse coach.  

As spring continues to get closer, the athletes and coaches will continue to prepare for warmer weather and the schedule to begin. 

“We were able to train at four different facilities while we were down there (in Flordia for training) and we even had the chance to do an ocean swim by the pier in Deerfield Beach,” explained Jason Lintjer, head swim and dive coach.

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