Courtney Smith March 15, 2021 Thoughts/Opinions

First female Scouts to achieve Eagle Scout Status

COURTNEY SMITHSTAFF WRITER This past February, Scouts BSA, formerly known as Boy Scouts of America, inaugurated a class of nearly 1,000 females into the National Eagle Scout Association. The Eagle Scout ranking is the highest ranking in the Scouts BSA program. This is the first inaugural class to include females since the organization’s founding in […]

Feb 15, 2021 Thoughts/Opinions Wade Fullerton

Writing home from Russia, a historical outlook

WADE FULLERTONSTAFF WRITER Map of Allied operations in Archangel, Russia [Left]. American rifleman, Russian rifle. Defending the critical rail junction at “Verst 466” with the 339th Infantry Regiment, Sept. 24, 1918 [Right]. The AEF – American Expeditionary Force – had decisively defeated the German Army on the Western Front on Nov. 11, 1918. The Great […]

Atulya Dora-Laskey Feb 15, 2021 Thoughts/Opinions

We’re all Conspiracy Theorists

ATULYA DORA-LASKEYSTAFF WRITER You do not believe in conspiracy theories. The idea that powerful people would ever secretly conspire to maintain or strengthen their power is simply preposterous to you. America is experiencing a whirlwind of misinformation right now, and a clear line must be drawn between educated citizens and paranoid crazies. You do not […]