Positive Updates 3/2/21


Last week, the frigid Texas weather, threatened not only the residents of South Padre but the sea turtles as well. Thousands of sea turtles were rescued by volunteers and Sea Turtle Inc., the South Padre Island Rehab center, who helped them warm and recuperate from cold shock. Thanks to the center, in partnership with other sea-life centers, over 2,000 of the sea turtles rescued have been released back into the Gulf of Mexico in what was a 24 hour process. Though the center is still working to rehabilitate and release the rest of the turtles, they are very optimistic each one will be back in the water very soon.

Weekly Horoscopes 2/15/21

The Signs as Lines from Arabic Love Poems

Aries: “Through her, in a rush of musk and saffron, beauty falls into disarray.” – Ibn Al-Arabi

Taurus: “Because my love for you is higher than words, I have decided to fall silent.” – Nizar Qabbani

Gemini: “You departed from my sight and entered my thoughts, travelled from my eyes to my heart.” – Al-Abbas Ibn Al-Ahnaf

Cancer: “I would split open my heart with a knife, place you within and seal my wound, that you might dwell there and never inhabit another.” – Ibn Hazm

Leo: “I felt like kissing the swords because their glimmer reminded me of your smile.” – Antara

Virgo: “I memorized her in every alphabet and memorized my memories until they multiplied.” – Adonis

Libra: “Love rests on no foundation. It is an endless ocean, with no beginning or end.” – Rumi

Scorpio: “And if the devil was to ever see you, he’d kiss your eyes and repent.” – Farouq Jwaydeh

Sagittarius: “Your eyes are like palm-groves refreshed by dawn’s breath or terraces the moon leaves behind.” – Badr Shakir Al-Sayyab

Capricorn: “There is water in my eyes and fire in my heart. Do you want a drink? Or a spark?” – Al-Shareef Al-Radhiy

Aquarius: “My temptations in your eyes, and the cities of your grief.” – Ibrahaim el-Kahwaji

Pisces: “They asked ‘Do you love her to death?’ I said, ‘Speak of her over my grave and watch how she brings me back to life.’” – Mahmoud Darwish

Positive Updates 2/15/21


This is a reminder that everything is temporary, and you are strong enough to persevere through the hard times. Though it is even more difficult now, take charge of your life and make the most of each and every day. Don’t sweat the small stuff but take note of the little things, remembering that but one second can change your life.

It only takes 14 muscles in your face to smile, as opposed to the 26 muscles it takes to frown – and it only takes a second to smile. Smiling, even when unhappy, has been proven to stimulate the brain to produce more dopamine, causing you to become happier. With everyone wearing masks, it may be a challenge, but a smile can be conveyed through the eyes or tone of voice as well. So let’s all find a spare second to share a smile – with a friend or even a stranger – and make our world a happier place.

“Use your smile to change the world; don’t let the world change your smile.”– Chinese Proverb

Gossip Squirrel 2/15/21

Dear GossipSquirrel,
It’s my first year and I came to college to have an experience but Covid has made it really difficult. I find that I’m having troubles with my mental health because I am all alone in my room because of these guidelines that the school has. How do I fix this?
-alone during Covid

Dear alone during Covid,
With all of the guidelines that we have to follow, it can be really hard to get the social aspect of college. The best thing you can do is make sure that if you need help with a mental health issue, reach out to the Wellness Center and see if there’s any way that they can help. There are so many different ideas on the Internet about what you can do in your own room by yourself. If you want that social aspect of college you can also check out the events that organizations put on on campus.

Dear GossipSquirrel,
I’m thinking of rushing a frat but don’t really have friends that I know in frats so I’m going in knowing no one. Could I still join one?

Dear rushingsoon,
You should definitely consider rushing! Rush week is the week for you to get to know the fraternities and get to know what they are about. I would say go to as many of the events that week that you can and get to know the people that make up the fraternities on campus.

Positive Updates 2/1/21


Animals On the Comeback

Everyone knows the struggle of this past year, but some good may have come from it. As humans have been forced inside, this has made way for multiple species to thrive out in their natural habitats.

  • Almost all the koalas injured in the Australian bushfires have been released back into the wild after 10 months of care and rehabilitation.
  • The last 2 remaining Northern White Rhinos have high hopes for a baby with the help of scientists as their embryo has been found viable.

Stay tuned for more happy news in our next issue J

Weekly Horoscope 2/1/21


What the Signs Need to Hear

Aries – You’re too petulant. At some point people will grow tired and stop coddling you.

Taurus – Your stubbornness will get you nowhere except backwards. You can’t sulk forever.

Gemini – Your impulsivity will lead you down many paths. Recognize which of those are worthwhile.

Cancer – Your pursuit of perfection is often in vain. Know when to give up.

Leo – You steamroll over others without a care and neglect other’s thoughts. Understand that not everyone shares your beliefs.

Virgo – Your love of approaching things from an analytical perspective will only take you so far. Not everything can be sorted into neat categories.

Libra – You strive for diplomacy, but understand that being non-confrontational results in no good compromise. Realize when you need to choose a side.

Scorpio – You pride yourself in being secretive, but you need to realize that comes at a cost. Not all secrets are worth holding onto.

Sagittarius – You are the cause of most the problems in your life. Try to be more introspective and maybe things will change.

Capricorn – People see you as forgettable for a reason. You need to stop hiding in the shadows or you’ll fade away.

Aquarius – You can’t repress your emotions for the rest of your life. At some point, they will implode and cause more destruction.

Pisces – You’re not always right. Accept your wrongdoings and stop pulling the wool over your eyes.


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