Atulya Dora-Laskey Sep 8 2020 Thoughts/Opinions

(A) Historic summer

ATULYA DORA-LASKEYSTAFF WRITER Whenever the academic year reaches its final months, students across the country pick up their school’s yearbook. These books attempt to showcase the best of student life on their glossy pages, sometimes with embarrassing little errors that managed to slip past editing. No matter how much you would roll your eyes at […]

Claire Hipps Feature Jacob Smith Sep 8 2020

Water sold in Joe’s despite Nestle ban

CLAIRE HIPPS, JACOB SMITHSTAFF WRITERS Many years ago, Alma College students worked together to ban Nestle products from our campus. Today, many products produced by Nestle and the companies they own, such as Ice Mountain water and Kitkats, are sold on campus. Nestle, the multi-billion dollar food conglomerate, has participated in more than its fair […]

Alivia GIles Campus Feature Sep 8 2020

Alma College changes Venture program

ALIVIA GILESSTAFF WRITER Alma College recently updated their Venture Program to provide additional funding and simplify the application process. The program, which was created in 2013, provides funding for travel and other applied learning opportunities. This change serves as an expansion of other successful travel opportunities such as the Posey Global Fellowship and Gazmararian Scholarship. […]

Courtney Smith National Sep 8 2020

Protests over return to in-person classes

COURTNEY SMITHSTAFF WRITER Late at night on August 20th, over 40 protesters congregated outside of U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s home in Holland, Michigan, donning signs that read “Wake up Betsy,” and “People over profit.” Protests just like this one are happening all over the country in response to the return of students to […]

Bailey Langbo Feature News Sep 8 2020

Black lives still matter

BAILEY LANGBOHEAD EDITOR Author’s Note: The opinions expressed in this article do not represent the viewpoints of the entire campus community. Racism is a difficult topic. For more information on the Black Lives Matter movement and ways to help, visit In the midst of America’s battle with COVID-19, the country has been reminded of […]

Alyssa Gall Sep 8 2020 Sports

Athletes tackle new pandemic protocols

ALYSSA GALLSPORTS WRITERPHOTO BY LIZZY DERMODY At Alma College, the fall semester looks different for students this year. This is especially true for the student athletes, whose sports are currently postponed due to the coronavirus. With the hope for the postponement to be lifted in the spring season, athletes remain optimistic as they enter their […]