Bailey Langbo Hannah Stiffler National Oct 18 2020

Eugenics bring controversy

HANNAH STIFFLERSTAFF WRITER BAILEY LANGBOHEAD EDITOR Eugenics are defined as the arrangement of reproduction within the human population in order to increase the occurrence of certain desirable characteristics. The eugenics movement was first introduced to America in the early 20th century, despite its principles dating back to Ancient Greece. It was originally coined by Francis […]

Campus Jordyn Bradley Oct 18 2020

Updates regarding future academic offerings

JORDYN BRADLEYSPORTS EDITOR On Friday, Oct.16, President Abernathy sent out a communication to campus regarding the goal to strategically reduce the college’s overall budget. Alma College’s Task Force on Reducing College Costs came to the conclusion to phase out certain academic programs in order to adhere to these budget cuts. Alma College will be phasing […]