Campus March 15, 2021 Taylor Pepitone

Education during a pandemic

TAYLOR PEPITONESTAFF WRITER COVID-19 has affected every aspect of daily life. Many people lost their jobs, lost their homes, lost their family members and even lost out on educational opportunities. stated that globally, over 1.2 billion students were moved out of the classroom and into a virtual world of learning. Education has changed drastically […]

Feb 1, 2021 Taylor Pepitone

Pandemic affects mental health

TAYLOR PEPITONESTAFF WRITER COVID-19 has easily taken so much from everyone. Indoor dining in restaurants has been restricted, public and recreational facilities are closed and some schools have moved their students online. Because of these limitations, many people are stuck inside of their homes to prevent spreading or catching the coronavirus. While it is important […]

Oct 5, 2020 Taylor Pepitone Thoughts/Opinions

Anti-racism vs. ICE Detention Centers

TAYLOR PEPITONESTAFF WRITER The following contributions are solely of the writer’s own views and are not affiliated with the Almanian and Alma College. Robert J. Patterson, professor of African American Studies at Georgetown University, defines anti-racism as, “…an active and conscious effort to work against multidimensional aspects of racism.” President Donald J. Trump has taken […]