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Alma’s thoughts on the outside world: The American Dream

SAM NELSON POLITICS Like it or not, identity is at the core of our politics. Who you are and what you value drives the whole thing. Recently, Senator Elizabeth Warren (DMA) capitulated too the demands of President Donald Trump’s demand for proof of Native American heritage, by publicizing the results of a DNA test. This […]

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Alma’s thoughts on the outside world: Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court appointment

SAM NELSON POLITICS In the summer of 1982, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford alleged that Justice Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her at a house party. In 2018, Dr. Ford wrote to her Senator, Diane Feinstein, about this incident in a letter she hoped to keep private. Senator Feinstein gave the letter to the FBI, and […]

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Alma’s thoughts on the outside world

BY SAM NELSON POLITICS On August 28, the National Hurricane Center started tracking some movement off the western coast of Africa, movement that would eventually become Hurricane Florence. One week earlier on August 21, prisoners around the country went on strike, with a list of demands that runs the gamut from demanding compensation for labor, […]