Horoscopes Week of March 23rd


Aries: You need to seek an outlet to feel in control as you begin to struggle with your conscience. Look for a project that you can distract yourself with, or friends that you can vent to.

Taurus: Don’t let the communication drop with people who reached out to specifically you. They want to reconnect for a reason. You clearly mean more to them than you think.

Gemini: Connecting to your friends through your passion is a very special moment of bonding. Let them see what makes you happy and the craft you have been practicing.

Cancer: A friend in need will require you to set some of your personal time aside in order to comfort them. Your time and patience will not go unnoticed, and they will be unbelievably grateful.

Leo: Remove your blinders as you have been extremely focused on one job or person. You’re cutting yourself out of all the potential possibilities that are in your blind spot.

Virgo: Have you considered that failure is very possible when trying to succeed. It’s something to keep in the back of your mind, but don’t let it control you living your life.

Libra: Look to understand the emotion behind everything can be your form of control. You’re giving a new meaning to the things around you based on your own terms.

Scorpio: Losing an opportunity does not mean it’s the end of the world. There is more out there waiting for you, you just need to go find it. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

Sagittarius: While you are usually someone that thrives in chaos, right now you need to find something stable to balance yourself. There’s enough chaos outside of your life, no need to make it personal.

Capricorn: When an opportunity for change is presented to you, take this as a sign that you should accept it. Whether it leads to success or not, it may result in some amazing memories.

Aquarius: You may find yourself struggling with who you are and how others perceive you. Now is the time to concentrate on spending time alone to rediscover yourself.

Pisces: If you have a haunting suspicion that you’ll be receiving some negative news from someone in your life, it’s best to face it head on. Don’t be afraid to be honest with your worries.

Horoscopes week of March 9th


Aries: You may find yourself in a bit of a slump. The best way to cure this is surrounding yourself with the energies of your friends. It may seem like a distraction, but it can reset your mood.

Taurus: Taking a break from social media will feel like a long needed vacation. There’s no shame in stepping away to reflect on your life in the present and all the good that surrounds you.

Gemini: Do not overwork yourself until the sun comes. It will result in future exhaustion that could be detrimental to your work. Managing your time to take care of yourself is self-care.

Cancer: Overthinking future decisions that have no relevance to the now will be a waste of your energy. There are current issues that need your attention. Try to refocus your purpose.

Leo: You’re a success and not something that should be hidden. Take pride in what you’ve done, and celebrate your accomplishments. Don’t let your own self-consciousness stop you.

Virgo: There will be those that question your character and moral judgment. It may be easy to sit back and allow others to think what they want, but it will be beneficial to stand up for yourself.

Libra: Are you chasing after someone that is unworthy of your attention? Make sure to check your own worth and appreciate the person who you are. You are worth a lot more than you think.

Scorpio: You’re not aware of how important you are in other people’s lives. It’s hard to acknowledge and accept that you are cherished. Not everyone is out to get you.

Sagittarius: Introducing new people into your life can bring a brand-new joy you wouldn’t expect. It can be viewed as a fresh start and introduces new ideas you otherwise would not have thought of.

Capricorn: Falling behind on your work will lead to a case of burn out later on. Start preparing for future projects as soon as you can. Your future self will thank you.

Aquarius: Not everyone has the same thought process as you. You may have a more logic-based thinking, while someone else is more emotion driven. Try to understand where others come from.

Pisces: The stress in your life may begin to bring a bigger storm of chaos. In this time remember the end goal you must achieve. The stress of it all will be very worth it.


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