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Trump’s troubles beyond the impeachment inquiry

CHELSEA FABER STAFF WRITER The events surrounding the impeachment inquiry have captured the nation. However, there are more problematic revelations and verdicts plaguing the White House. Two books have been a center of focus in recent weeks. One, written by an anonymous senior Trump Administration official entitled, A Warning, provides a look into the inner […]

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Impeachment update: House votes to formalize inquiry

CHELSEA FABER STAFF WRITER Impeachment has been at the forefront of cable TV rotation and newspaper headlines since House Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, announced there would be a formal investigation into potential impeachable offences by the President and the Trump Administration.  Previous to the Oct. 31 vote to formally launch into an official impeachment inquiry […]

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Phi Mu Alpha hosts 10th annual Spaghetti Dinner

CHELSEA FABER STAFF WRITER Photo by DYLAN COUR The Alpha Iota chapter of Phi Mu Alpha hosted their tenth annual Spaghetti Dinner on Saturday Nov. 9. The event was held in Eddy Music Center and featured a dinner with various musical performances. Proceeds raised through the dinner benefited one of their philanthropies. “Spaghetti dinner is […]

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Rural Michigan Initiative promotes environmental policy

CHELSEA FABER STAFF WRITER On Thursday Nov. 7, Alma College in cooperation with the Michigan Environmental Council, the Cranbrook Institute and other sponsors will host the first annual Rural Michigan Initiative. The conference will bring together lawmakers, policy experts and interested community members. This forum will include scientific presentations, as well as scheduled speakers. Keynote […]

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Qatar air-conditions the outdoors

CHELSEA FABER STAFF WRITER Unbearable heat and less than desirable weather patterns have forced Qatar to begin seemingly bizarre practices to stay cool: air conditioning the outside. With temperatures exceeding 115 degrees Fahrenheit, being able to comfortably enjoy outdoor spaces has become challenging.   Outdoor malls, stadiums, as well as sidewalks are now being air conditioned […]

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Impeachment 101: a student’s guide

CHELSEA FABER STAFF WRITER Graphic by MEREK ALAM House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) announced last week that there would be a formal impeachment inquiry investigating any illegal actions taken by the Trump Administration after a whistleblower report was made public. Interest from curious Americans has led many to ask, how does the impeachment process work? […]

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College unveils $120 million campaign

CHELSEA FABER STAFF WRITER Photo by EMMA GROSSBAUER Earlier this month, Alma College unveiled the “Our Time is Now” fundraising campaign. This project has a goal of raising 120 million dollars to fund various projects such as renovating the Dunning Memorial Chapel and transforming the Kerhl Library into a Learning Commons. While the campaign was […]