Feb 15, 2021 Thoughts/Opinions Wade Fullerton

Writing home from Russia, a historical outlook

WADE FULLERTONSTAFF WRITER Map of Allied operations in Archangel, Russia [Left]. American rifleman, Russian rifle. Defending the critical rail junction at “Verst 466” with the 339th Infantry Regiment, Sept. 24, 1918 [Right]. The AEF – American Expeditionary Force – had decisively defeated the German Army on the Western Front on Nov. 11, 1918. The Great […]

Aishwarya Singh Feb 15, 2021 Sports Weston Hirvela

Buccaneers win Super Bowl, make history

AISHWARYA SINGHSTAFF WRITER WESTON HIRVELAGRAPHIC CREATOR On Feb. 7 this year, two of the best teams for the National Football Conference and American Football Conference respectively played the Super Bowl under conditions unprecedented in its 52-year history. The Super Bowl attracts millions of viewers less for the game and more for the experience and the […]

Feb 15, 2021 Jordyn Bradley Zachary Carpenter

Abrams among Nobel Peace Prize nominees

JORDYN BRADLEY, ZACHARY CARPENTERSPORTS EDITOR, STAFF WRITER Stacey Abrams–who rose to the forefront of American politics during the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election–was among nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize. The award is given out yearly to the person or organization deemed to have done the most to promote peace and democracy around the world. Throughout […]

Alivia GIles Feb 15, 2021 News

Rochester Police pepper-spray 9-year-old

ALIVIA GILESSTAFF WRITER Two police officers in Rochester, New York have been placed on administrative leave and another has been suspended for their involvement in the handcuffing and pepper-spraying of a nine-year-old girl. According to Rochester Deputy Police Chief Andre Anderson, the officers were responding to a report of “family troubles” at 3:20 PM on […]