Jordyn Bradley March 23 2020 News Uncategorized

The inability to vote frustrates young voters

JORDYN BRADLEY SPORTS EDITOR The Michigan Primary took place March 10. This particular primary was crucial in the Democratic presidential race, as Michigan is a swing state, making the voting results here particularly important. However, voting for younger voters proved difficult during the primary due to issues with absentee ballots and limited precinct options in […]

Campus Courtney Smith March 9 2020 Uncategorized

Trigger warnings in Gun Play stir campus opinions

COURTNEY SMITH STAFF WRITER Two weeks ago, Gunplay debuted on Alma College Campus. This unique theatrical work was produced entirely by the students of Dr. Joanne Gilbert’s Performing Advocacy class the previous semester, and was directed by Dr. GIlbert herself. Gunplay highlights the byproducts of gun violence in America. The plotline addresses themes of school […]

Campus Feature Jordyn Bradley March 9 2020 Uncategorized

Students concerned about pipes bursting

JORDAN BRADLEY SPORTS EDITOR Students are worried about their belongings being compromised due to floods happening on campus. Two different instances have occurred to warrant these concerns: a pipe connection failure in Brazell Hall and a lavatory valve failure in Bonbright Hall. Students are still worried that they will be the next affected. “When the […]

Campus Chapin Kartsounes Feature March 9 2020 Thoughts/Opinions Uncategorized

Trans students want to see Alma’s actions speak

CHAPIN KARTSOUNES WEB EDITOR The lack of restrooms that are available for any student, no matter what gender they prefer, on Alma’s campus is something to question. You may not have noticed this issue because it doesn’t particularly affect you, but for the students that it does, it is more than an inconvenience. There are […]