Authors Claudia Walter Oct 7th, 2019 Thoughts/Opinions Uncategorized

Constitutionality of electing judges

CLAUDIA WALTER STAFF WRITER There is contention within the Michigan political system regarding the election of judges and its overall constitutionality and ethics. This issue has become more prevalent in the political system as of late due to the Michigan Secretary of State making a statement on the activity, highlighting the lack of investigation into […]

Courtney Smith Oct 7th, 2019 Sports Uncategorized

Alma welcomes potential athletic directors

COURTNEY SMITH STAFF WRITER This week, Alma College hosted three all-campus presentations on different potential candidates to fill the position of athletic director. The athletic director plays an important role on campus, so choosing the best candidate is a major responsibility. “The athletic director is the spokesperson for the athletic department so in terms of […]